Tools for Synthesizer Management


Version 0.3 Alpha Test Release (20200107T0153Z)

Use at your own risk. No warranty implied.

Quick Usage Description

Use case: You have a set of Prophet X/XL presets in a SysEx Program Data dump, e.g., example-presets-u8-samples.syx that reference samples that were in group U8. You moved those samples to group U5. The px-preset-sample-renumber program can renumber the sample group references from U8 to U5, e.g.:

[Note that :; is just my Terminal (shell) prompt.
The ./ before the program name can be removed if px-preset-sample-renumber is installed in a directory in your $PATH. ]

:; ./px-preset-sample-renumber -f U8 -t U5 -o example-presets-u5-samples.syx example-presets-u8-samples.syx	


px-preset-sample-renumber [-q] [-s] -f NUMBER -t NUMBER -o NEW-FILENAME ORIGINAL-FILENAME
	-f NUMBER		a NUMBER of 8 means sample group U8
	-t NUMBER		a NUMBER of 5 means sample group U5
	-o NEW-FILENAME		the SysEx file that will have the renumbered sample groups
	ORIGINAL-FILENAME	the input SysEx Program Data .syx file
	-q			Quiet, do not show output.
	-s			Mostly quiet, summary only: only show final totals.

The NUMBER value for the -f and -t sample group arguments can be any of:

	F		Factory
	U1 to U32	User group
	1 to 32		User group
	A1 to A32	Add-on group

If the NEW-FILENAME value of the -o argument already exists, the program will exit with an error that the file already exists, so as not to overwrite an existing file.

NOTE: Before Prophet X/XL OS 2.1.1 beta, the maximum User sample group number is 8.

CAVEAT: This early release may not handle all valid SysEx files. It may assume that the only SysEx data in the .syx input file is Prophet X/XL Program Data.

Use at your own risk. No warranty implied.

2020-01-06, version 0.3 alpha
  • Increased accepted user sample groups from 1-8 to 1-32.
    • New, as of beta Prophet X/XL OS
  • Added support to specify Factory and Add-On groups in addition to User groups.
    • -f & -t can now have U1-32, F, and A1-32 as arguments, e.g., -f U29
2019-07-03 version 0.1 alpha
  • First release.